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Walking School Bus

A Walking School Bus™ is a group of primary school children who walk to and from school along a safe and enjoyable set route, accompanied by a minimum of two parent driver/supervisors per ‘bus'.
The Walking School Bus is a community and parent based initiative. It is not endorsed by the DEC or the P&C association, but Homebush West PS is very excited about the community adopting this initiative.

How to enrol

To enrol your child to use the Walking Bus please fill in this form online wsbhwps.weebly.com/enrol-my-childchildren.html

More information

Can you help?

We need lots of adult volunteers for the Walking Bus at HWPS. You don't have to live on the Walking Bus route to volunteer. Some of our volunteers live out of area and many don't have children or grandchildren at our school, they just love the program and want to help.

Why volunteer at your child or grandchild's school?

Parental involvement in children's learning is beneficial. Research shows it leads to better educational, social, and emotional outcomes for children. In addition, a report from the Australian Research Alliance for Children & Youth (ARACY) has found parental involvement contributes to overall student positive attainment, behaviour and attendance at school.

Register to Volunteer

If you may be able to help please fill in this form wsbhwps.weebly.com/become-a-volunteer.html or email suzanne@suzanne-ellis.com or see School Chaplain Chris Prouty with any questions.

Why do we have a Walking Bus at HWPS? 

The Walking Bus is healthy way for students to get to and from school. It reduces traffic congestion around the school and regular exercise improves concentration and reduces aggressive behaviour and disruptive actions. Here is a very short video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCa2u35sHCo

Enrol now


If your child has been previously enrolled, you do not need to re-enrol them.

There is more information on the Walking Bus website wsbhwps.weebly.com/